Success Through Alignment

Companies succeed when the goals of the organization, its teams, and its employees are aligned, when everyone works towards a common shared vision that is clearly communicated. But this can be more challenging to achieve than it sounds. Training can be an effective way to achieve alignment, but that effectiveness can be undermined if the training is not consistent, or easily accessible. We believe there is a better way to design and deliver training. We create our courses to be available on-demand whenever an employee needs to learn something new, or to refresh their memory, or just because. And training that is engaging and entertaining makes people want to come back for more. That is why we started Development Knowledge.


We design our courses so that learners can access material on their own time at their own pace. This allows them to absorb the material in their own way. Time spent with the instructor can then focus on answering questions and putting the knowledge into practical application.


Telling stories is one of the oldest ways to transfer knowledge - it's something that is hard wired into every human. Scenario-based learning uses the power of stories to make learning more fun and engaging, and to make it much easier to remember complex material.

Micro Courses

Short units focused on a single concept can be created in many different formats and connected by learning paths into longer courses. Learners can review one unit to learn something specific, or multiple units can be assembled into custom training programs.

The Adventures of DK Man

Follow the adventures of DK Man as he battles to deliver projects with the Wings Over the World team. The more Dr. Derango and his evil Minions of Waste conspire to delay the projects with bugs, over processing, extra inventory, and other problems, the more DK Man and the team use their skills to avert disaster and deliver on time and on budget. Check out the latest installment...

The Case of the Comprehensive Agile Methodology

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