Team (re)-Launch - Better Outcomes with Better (re)-Starts

Launch your team to the next level

Maybe it's time we all get on the same page

There is a joke that if you ask 3 people what agile or lean are you will get 5 different answers. Unfortunately this is no joke if your team is not aligned on how the get things done or even what their project is. Team members can “know” agile, they can “know” lean, but if they have different perspectives on how to work together, and what our project vision is, then they are not a high performing team. This is a team workshop to create alignment on both how the team gets the job done, and what what the job is. Whether this is an experience agile team or a team new to agile,  the benefits of alignment are immediate.

Learning Outcomes

Create team alignment on practices for getting the job done and what the job is. Use those practices to create a team backlog and launch the team.

  • Understand the concept of agility, the agile mindset, and how agility exploits time to create competitive advantage
  • Understand how Scrum is an effective way to organize people and get the job done
  • Know the Scrum roles, artifacts, and practices enable a team to get the job done
  • Understand how to use Kanban to manage the flow of work
  • Know how to use relative sizing to estimate work
  • Know how to calibrate (or re-calibrate) relative sizing practices
  • Create team alignment on our project vision and co-construct a product backlog
  • Apply learning outcomes to create a team alignment on "how we get things done" using the practice library and collecting team working agreements

Student Materials

Participants receive a practice library (Confluence or MS Word) for their team.

Course Materials

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