Twenty years ago Dr Derango was Barry Rider, a brilliant engineer with WoW until the CEO forced him into committing to an impossible schedule. When the project inevitably exploded, the fallout transformed Barry into Dr Derango.

He swore his revenge on WoW that if he couldn’t deliver, then no one would ever deliver….he assembled his minions of waste to destroy all projects. Dr Derango destroys projects by "hiding" his minions of waste in the projects, where they can quietly and invisibly destroy projects. Many projects are oblivious to the minions of waste because they lack the tools to see the hidden wastes.

Dr. Derango Trivia

Barry Rider's skin is naturally green and a young Barry Rider did try out for the role of Elphaba in Wicked, but he just could not carry the high notes. With the theatre forever beyond his reach, Barry did what every good washed out artist does, become a programmer.