Bug: The Waste Formerly Known as Defect

Defect's Manufacturing Golden Days

When Defect worked in manufacturing he created extra costs by either forcing rework, or discarding product altogether. On a “good” day he could really destroy value by, forcing rescheduling of production, and delaying releases.  Of course this was nothing compared to the waste he could create in software.

Bugs in Software

Defect had the easiest time re-inventing himself as a software waste. Its has not been clear sailing for Defect because  he is not completely invisible and he is generally the only waste that software developers actually look for. Software developers in general are pretty clever group and have developed many tools to reduce defects. However, what keeps defects alive is the ever increasing complexity of software, providing him with numerous places to hide, wait, and work his nefarious mission. What also helped defect in his mission was changing his name from the evocative “defect” to the more cuddly and friendly name “Bug”, easily misleading people….even leading the unsuspecting to invite him into their team to hide….”oh don’t worry about that, it’s just a bug”

Bug's Vulnerability

Bug is probably the most vulnerable of the Minions of Waste because he is the one developers actually look for and track. Often his job becomes diverting attention from consideration of the economic consequences of other wastes (over processing, over production, etc). Bug is vulnerable to prevention, that is seeking simpler solutions rather than complex solutions, and good development practices.