Agile BA Courses

Did you ever wonder where the Business Analyst fits in an Agile environment? How they engage with the teams? How they contribute? Have you wondered if in an agile world, are traditional BA skills are even relevant? Discover how in a world where sometimes over 60% of system features are never used, the BA can use lean and agile principles to reduce waste and increase value. Learn how a BA can exploit rapid feedback and learning becomes a business value manager. Work with Carlos the new Enterprise Analyst at Sardina Lattina Airlines as he explains to the CIO and teams at Sardina Lattina how using agile and lean principles in business analysis they can reduce waste and increase delivered value.


Unit 1: Using Lean/Agile Economics to Identify Waste

Carlos the new Enterprise Analyst joins our team for the post mortem of their latest project “Air Cruise”. While delivered on-time and on budget no one seems happy about it. Can you work with Carlos to explain to Camilla the CIO the economics behind why this may be the case and what changes we should try for “bClass” our next project?


Unit 2: Using Lean/Agile Economics to Eliminate Waste

description coming soon


Unit 3: Where is the BA

“There’s no BA in any of those agile methods” laments Dragan a BA hopeful who sees his future as BA dashed now that “bClass” will be done as an agile project. Are BAs unnecessary in the agile world as Dragan fears? Work with Carlos to help Dragan discover five different ways the BA can engage with the agile team.


Unit 4: The BA as a Value Manager

Carlos makes his first foray at Sardina Lattina to gather requirements. Or are requirements something that can be gathered? Can you work with Carlos and move from the traditional notion of the BA as a passive gatherer of requirements to someone who works in partnership with clients to create value in an uncertain world? Can you help Carlos avoid wasting $200,000.00?


Unit 5: Care and Feeding of the Backlog

The honeymoon may be over for agile at Sardina Lattina. Camilla is demanding some kind of plan she can take to the board and Dragan is once again freaking out wondering how they can possibly represent a project as complex as “bClass” using an backlog. Can you help Carlos explain to Dragan how we can create a backlog for “bClass” and give Camilla her plan too?


Unit 6: Creating a Valuable Flow

description coming soon


Unit 7: 5 Principals of Flow

Shane interviews Steve to understand the so called “Five Principles of the Agile BA”