Who are the "Minions of Waste" and where did they come from?

Dr. Derango with his Minions of Waste

Long ago, the Minions of Waste whiled away the hours happily destroying value in manufacturing. Push-based master scheduling practices enabled the wastes to stay well hidden within the manufacturing process.

But their reign and influence began to decline when manufacturers began adopting Lean techniques inspired by the Toyota Production System (TPS).  Lean practices revealed the value-destroying wastes, and they were quickly rooted out of the process.

The  Minions of Waste were facing oblivion as manufacturers aggressively created value and reduced waste. But they found a new purpose when they met up with Dr Derango – who revealed a whole new world of software development where they could they once again invisibly execute their nefarious deeds.

Once again, the Minions of Waste had a purpose, and one in which they could destroy more value than they ever thought possible. Software development is a virtual world and, for a Minion of Waste, that virtual world makes it oh so easy to remain hidden. After all, as the waste "Inventory" once observed, "Who can see software inventory piling up?"

Bug: the waste formerly known as "Defect"


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